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Went to a barber and they scraped my neck with an electric razor. Best part: they used that awesome aftershave alcohol for cleanup.

2022.01.22 22:59 mccarthybergeron Went to a barber and they scraped my neck with an electric razor. Best part: they used that awesome aftershave alcohol for cleanup.

Went to a barber and they scraped my neck with an electric razor. Best part: they used that awesome aftershave alcohol for cleanup. submitted by mccarthybergeron to mildlyinfuriating [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 22:59 No-Bread638 Guilt

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2022.01.22 22:59 JamieCFPV Been taking my time with this one because the part count is SO huge, still have a lot of duplicate parts to go but I'm pretty happy with the outcome so far. Supernova snow white prelude ☺

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2022.01.22 22:59 TheEarlyWormIsEaten Tucker Carlson Widely Mocked After Criticizing ‘Less Sexy’ M&Ms

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2022.01.22 22:59 JaMorantGrizz Can you still teleport while in Eggnivia?

Been playing league for a couple weeks and in a video about a year ago that you could teleport while in Eggnivia form. I tried this in a game today and it didn't seem to work so I'm wondering if they changed that. If you can't then I'd probably switch to ignite but I'm still trying it.
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2022.01.22 22:59 NutellaTeen Day 10 of Modifying Starwalker: ✨Starslapper✨

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2022.01.22 22:59 No_Loquat995 Rona and pre workout

Anyone have adverse effects with using pre workouts while having Corona?
I can't find out to post in that rona thread so sorry 😖
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2022.01.22 22:59 resin0715 [H] Spotify & HBO Max Upgrades ! | %40 Off Sale | Lifetime Warranty! | Spotify Premium & HBO Max Worldwide [W] ! All types of payments Accepted !

How Does This Work ?
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2022.01.22 22:59 INeedAnswers876 I think at this point in this sub most people know where this is going.

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2022.01.22 22:59 shuvammax Centaurify - Launching Now on BSC

CENTAURIFY in a nutshell:
Imagine if TicketMaster was built on a blockchain, with NFTs representing tickets. 100% traceable, impossible to counterfeit, and programmable re-sale conditions that protect both the consumers and the event host.

Centaurify - Tokenizing tickets with NFT & smart contract technology. Your Live Event & Music NFT Universe. With fiat on ramps as well as a music NFT marketplace!

We allow organizers to mint their own NFT-tickets, setting their rules of the smart-contract tokenomics to reward themselves, their artists & their audience on every transaction on the secondary market.

- We allow organizers to set maximum re-sale price to prevent scalping.
- Organizers will secure their audience by using Centurify. NFT-tickets are 100% traceable and are impossible to counterfeit.
- Artists gets fixed 2% automated reflection on every NFT-Ticket transaction from Centaurify.

Link Buy
Contract Address: 0x3abd582AD2221787A5653Bfef2d0A410771a3A39
Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=

CLMD (14 platinum awarded DJ) a part of the core team
Team based in Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Estonia
Listed at MEXC and CMC today

Website: https://centaurify.xyz/
Telegram: https://t.me/CentaurifyChat
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CentaurifyBSC
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2022.01.22 22:59 kleiverefs Started 3 weeks ago and I already mastered PvP on Destiny 2

I started playing on January 7, went into PvP because some quests force you to do PvP even if you barely know the game and I mastered it in some days. I keep getting queue with players what have been playing obviously more years than me so maybe you should keep it easy to play against people that actually match your skill, until now I mastered:

  1. Dying at spawn, I don't want to brag about it but I think is my best skill
  2. Dying while peeking a corner, thats right, I got that one too.
  3. Dying by a hand cannon kill from 2 kilometers
  4. Dying by melee attacks from a guy that only runs, slides and jumps.
  5. I mastered the art of getting a rematch with the exact same people that destroyed my previous team, so I can enjoy getting experience again
  6. Getting killed by a guy with a sniper rifle after being alive for the incredible amount of 3 seconds.
  7. Getting like 3 full minutes of gameplay on a 20min round.
If you are a new player I can give some suggestions so you can do those PvP forced quests.
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2022.01.22 22:59 squareFuneral rip leafyishere

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2022.01.22 22:59 JayJ9Nine KAT Tournament with Traditional Company Seeded Bracket

Hey this is my first actual post here, so sorry if it’s flared wrong, or is full of shit takes. So not too long ago on this sub somebody, u/AbandonedBy made a post where the Kengan Annihilation Tournament was seeded based on The Company’s Ranking. I liked this idea but the way he had it done was that the top two fought first match, and then each number next to each other was paired.
Another user u/GerryDownUnder noted that this sort of penalizes the better companies. They should have had first pick on placement instead of anything, as this previous setup guarantees the finals will be from one top 16 company and one bottom 16, assuming the fighters mirror the ranking in strength, that means the top fighters are beating the crap out of each other and have the single hardest bracket run possible. As such I fed the rankings into a bracket generator and had it more normally seeded, where you start with number 1 seed and 32, and 2 and 31, and 3 and 30 and so on into the middle to 16 and 17. The rankings for the company, replaced with their fighters is below.

  1. Julius
27.Saw Paing
I made my predictions on who would win and how the tournament would go and finished out the bracket.
I’ll go ahead and explain my reasoning for each fight round by round.
Round 1:
Kanoh v Rihito: Okay so both Ohma and Rihito are effectively unranked companies, but Yamashita Corp has several sizeable victories so I agree with Rihito being bottom of the barrel and. Well It’s a Kanoh win, maybe an even worse loss than to Kuroki because I don’t see Kanoh holding back and naming the amount of times he could have lost. No diff win Kanoh
Gaolong v Kiryu: Okay so it does not take long for this reshuffle to end up giving a really close fight in my opinion. Both of these fighters are knocked out round 2, against probably the 2 strongest fighters in the tournament. And I’ll say this outright. I’m a Gaolong Wanker, and this likely affects my choice here. Kiryu has incredible potential with Rakshasa’s Palm, Blink likely isn’t going to factor since if a teen Ohma can see through it Gaolong isn’t going to have any issue at all with that. Gaolong’s ability to force an enemy into particular fighting shown with his fight with Kanoh is going to be essential for avoid Rakshasa, and as arguably the best pure striker in the tournament, he might be able to avoid that technique. Issue is Gaolong in other fights he’s shown to be able to be deceived or tricked, so its close. Nonetheless, I think Gaolong takes this High to Extreme Diff, poor Kiryu just hasn’t had enough chances to kick ass for him to overcome my wankerness. That said, winner here faces Kanoh next round so at least it doesn’t change the end bracket too much.
Inaba v Meguro: So this is a fun one to consider. Meguro’s difficulty to take down without being lethal gives him some benefits against fighters that might pull their punches. Sawada plays around with Meguro but he’s not even phased. Inaba also got beat down round 1, but Ohma still needed Advance, and did a pretty good job before then. If you consider the fact that Ohma had to Advance to beat Inaba and compare that to him needing it for Seki as well, it paints Inaba in a better light. The big thing here though: is Inaba is not going to worry about killing his opponent as an assassin, and the hair fighting style might be a really annoying thing for a judo practitioner. High Diff win to Inaba, and Meguro dies once again.
Rei v Nezu: this round 1 fight is unchanged. Poor Nezu is once again one shot and never gets a chance to prove himself. No Diff Rei
Wakatsuki v Raian: Two physical monstrosities in round 1, and it would be a huge beatdown. Raian in KAT refused to use techniques and wanted to just use his pure physicality, and I don’t see that changing against Superman Syndrome Wakatsuki, in fact he’d refuse to swap up even more. This would be just an amazing brawl, but Wakatsuki’s durability shown in the Julius fight is going to be BIG here. In the Ohma Raian fight we see Removal can run out, and Wakatsuki can absolutely take the pummeling up until then, after that Wakatsuki is going to finish it off. Question will be whether Wakatsuki has to reveal Blast Core, which to me is going to be close. If he KNEW removal can run out he could withstand it but otherwise he might believe he has to take Raian down as fast as he can. Either way, High-Diff Win to Wakatsuki.
Gozo v Bando: Kind of limited on what to say here, Gozo has such a fun background which shows he has a good chance to be successful but in reality poor dude gets Wakatsuki’d and in Omega he’s shown to still not have gotten that much better. Bando on the other hand manages to show incredible one shot potential, intelligence, pushing fighters like Hatsumi to the limits and is the stepping stone to his peak level. As such, Bando is likely going to make mincemeat of Gozo. Low Diff Bando
Seki v Mokichi: Seki to me is ALWAYS hard to gauge because his fighting style just shouldn’t work but his feats and prestige to other fighters says a lot. Mokichi also feels like he is stronger than he got to show but in this setup, I feel like Seki’s insane durability is going to work well here and he’ll outlast and win high-diff.
Sawada v Okubo: Second time I’m going to warn, I’m a bit of an Okubo fan and that definitely factors here. Sawada clearly has capability in his easy handling of Meguro in a pure combat way, but Okubo to me has always been stronger than he’s shown, facing the King of the Kengan Matches round 1, and still delivering the best fight of that round (imo). Okubo’s style is also about managing to deliver the right counter at the right time, and his durability is definitely better than most assume, a big part of his Kanoh loss so suddenly is Okubo shows a bit of predictability in how he responds and just gets caught perfectly once its all incorporated. If Okubo gets into a grapple or a single counter, Sawada likely gets clobbered once he can’t properly maintain distance to utilize his specialty. Mid to High Diff Okubo
Nikaido v Karo: Nikaido is also hard to gauge since his hypnosis trick has such potential but it never is shown to properly work. He belongs to the 3rd highest rated company yet gets terribly humbled round 1. Karo manages to have close to a 50/50 with Saw Paing and shows immense potential and drive. Whether its pure drive, or maybe something simple like… Nikaido unable to whisper in his ear because Karo is a big boi, Karo can manage to pull ahead, High to Extreme Diff. Fights between R1 losers are some of the most fun to imagine and this bracket change gives us a lot.
Kaneda v Kiozan: 2 more R1 losers but.. Sadly I just. Don’t see how Kaneda can ever damage Kiozan properly. He could dance around and last longer than against Gaolong, but Kiozan also shows he can be deceptively fast which can throw Kaneda off. Kaneda isn’t afraid of eye gouges or the like, but Kiozan doesn’t seem like he can be falling bucketed. Low diff win to Kiozan.
Akoya v Chiba: I feel like Chiba could actually be scary given enough time to practice and replicate techniques and attacks, but even then his application of using them is always going to be limited and Akoya is going to largely manage himself the same. Tank, block, beatdown. Low Diff win to Akoya.
Saw Paing v Hatsumi: This one’s a little tricky since Hatsumi can be really out of it if he’s not in ‘peak’ form but I think he’s going to given shit a good effort, and Saw Paing might be a better round 1 opponent to kick him into gear. A man with a victory over Wakatsuki can definitely handle Saw Paing’s durability as well. Their demeanors respectfully would be fun to see, Hatsumi’s chill attitude and Saw Paings over the topness, it would be a super fun fight to see regardless but its likely a Low to Mid Diff win to Hatsumi depending on what ‘shape’ he is in.
Muteba v Cosmo: So third time warning I’m a huge fan of one of these fighters, Cosmo is arguably my favorite in the series. Which is why it pains me to state Muteba likely takes this. Round 1 Cosmo has not gained his outlook shift, or his Foresight development. Muteba is definitely in the body type Cosmo can still take out, but not knowing about HeartJab as a grappler is a major issue. Cosmo definitely has grapples in his arsenal where HeartJab won’t be a factor, but not knowing about it is still an issue. I’d like to believe Cosmo gets the rematch, and that R3 Cosmo/Omega would win handily but here, I think we have a Mid/High Diff win for Muteba. Dudes adaptability as a non-regular martial artist is incredible, its honestly two prodigies fighting. I’ll console myself knowing (lets be honest) the winner is facing Kuroki next round.
Kuroki v Haruo: I mean. What do I have to say. Kuroki’s defensive capabilities are off the roof, dudes gonna Devil Lance a ton, not get touched, ask if Haruo wants to back down, he’ll refuse, Kuroki will then Lance his knees, bring him down and temple tap him for a knockout. No Diff Kuroki, sorry Haruo. Wish you stopped gaining weight.
Adam v Hanafusa: Two more R1 losers, so it’s interesting. Hanafusa showed surprisingly capability against Bando, speed, dodging capability, biological knowledge, all things that really help against Adam. Big things is I don’t know if Hanafusa will care about the fight since its not Bando, so he might not use the poison bone blades. Either way I think the fight goes to Hanafusa, just depends on whether or not poor Adam is poisoned to death but I think Hanafusa can get it without. Mid to High Diff win Hanafusa.
Ohma v Julius: This does suck. If Ohma was ONE rank higher, he’d be up and fight Nikaido round one and, protagonist powers and also poor Nikaido being underwhelming, likely takes that, as well as Nikaido’s better gauged bracket run. (Though lets be honest the Final 2 were both bottom 16 ranked companies with Kuroki and Ohma) Round 1 Ohma, hell even Round 3 Ohma, would have a bad time against Julius. Lets just be honest it’s gonna be a Low-Diff, Julius is so terrifying that even Demonsbane feels like it might not work. Visually it would be wonky but Our beloved magic MC isn’t making it out of round 1.
Round 2:
Kanoh v Gaolong: I mean I said it before, Gaolong’s fight winner is going to get beat down. Kanoh gets his round 2 fight against Gaolong again, only this time Gaolong is WAY more f*cked up. I’d like to believe Gaolong still has his nice moment on sealing off non boxing but Gaolong is going to get rocked harder due to fighting Kiryu Round 1.
Inaba v Rei: So here this is important that Inaba wins, because Meguro’s condition makes it hard for Rei to win without killing him. (Maybe he does kind of just one shot his round 1 but Round 2 means Meguro might be on the alert for it. It becomes a closer fight) There’s a chance Inaba might have a hair anti Rei idea, but Rei is still just so far and above its likely still a low diff fight.
Wakatsuki v Bando: Two insanely bodied individuals, likely has a fun matchup, but again Wakatsuki lucks out because his god tier durability is going to help him tank a lot but Bando’s intelligence will keep him in the fight. Similar to Julius, this is where if he hasn’t already use Blast Core, he might be desperate to use it to put away Bando’s odd biology, but its still a bit iffy either way simply based on how ridiculous his strength is even without it. Likely a Wakatsuki Mid Diff
Seki v Okubo: This is arguably my most biased choice. Okubo being an all in aggressive beatdown style fighter meant to have real time counters is going to help against Seki who loves to sit and take a wailing. Okubo’s experience is also going to help make sure he recognizes the backlash damage in fighting Seki (hopefully for my biased ass). Either way this fight is going to be GREAT because these two are some of the biggest bros in the entire series. Hell the biggest nerf to Okubo is he might hold back wanting to help the showmanship Seki gives. I think Okubo manages to somehow barely take this. I”m partially using Ohma’s brain Niko stating Okubo was above him, (if I’m remembering correctly) and since Ohma managed to beat Seki (Super close and a rematch with R1 Ohma probably goes Seki’s way. Maybe) Okubo has some potential but I cannot stress this enough. This would be SUCH a fun fight I’d love to see. High-Extreme-Fun Diff win to Okubo. Either way I love both of them, and one of them going to R3 is fun.
Karo v Kiozan: One of these R1 losers is going to R3, which is fun. And honestly between them, I’m giving it to Karo. Karo has shown impressive potential, and it might be me being narratively dumb or headcanoning shit but I can see Karo developing more combat potential, and being able to take Kiozan blow for blow. High Diff Karo win.
Akoya v Hatsumi: Normally this would be a really fun fight but with Hatsumi just beating Saw Paing, I feel like Hatsumi is ahead on his prime setup, Akoya’s reaction time becomes a terrifying issue, but Hatsumi is going to adapt and lead Akoya where he needs, though Akoya is definitely going to have a few upper handed moments I think to get some nice blows in. Mid-Diff win to Hatsumi, and he’s further primed.
Muteba v Kuroki: The dude who has no formal martial arts training versus the pinnacle of martial arts. Honestly going to have some really fun back and forth talking and banter, but HeartJab is a heavily obvious attack and Pre-Initiative is going to make sure that never has a single chance of hitting ever, and otherwise Kuroki’s defensive abilities just won’t let Muteba get in. Similar to Wakatsuki v Muteba, after a few badly landed Devil Lances, Muteba will surrender since he values his money maker, that gorgeous lady winning body of his. Muteba probably manages some fun stuff and avoids a No Diff label, but honestly its still going to be Low-Diff. BUT fun.
Hanafusa v Julius: Hanafusa would be terrifying to Julius with his poison, if it wasn’t for all that money in his back corner. It’s going to be a similar Hanafusa v Bando fight since Julius DOES know the human body. He’s not flexible and ridiculous but his muscles are so dense he’ll likely bounce off a lot of the acupuncture shit and his back corner will cure him even if the poison is involved. Low Mid Diff Julius.
Round 3:
Kanoh v Rei: I’m curious to see how this goes, originally Gaolong does enough to Kanoh to scare him out of Formless with that delay, so honestly if that happens it helps against Rei because Kanoh is going to need all the reaction time he can against Rei. I think Rei legitimately can put another scare into Kanoh with his pure speed, but.. Kanoh’s just built different, but Rei’s style makes utilizing the Dragon Shot very difficult. Based on sheer matchup this might be Kuroki’s hardest match compared to the original KAT, (Notincluding Kuroki) but his capability will likely shine through nonetheless. High Diff Kanoh
Wakatsuki v Okubo: I keep saying this but I have my favorites, and I like both of these. A personal opinion is if Okubo had superman syndrome he’d be almost unbeatable since his sheer basics buffed by that would be amazing, and I don’t see that muscle fiber change limiting his fighting style too much. That’s just background because honestly Wakatsuki will out strike, his strength will limit Okubo’s grappling, in combat ability I think Okubo is similar, maybe higher but he just can’t overcome Wakatsuki’s physical superiority. Low, Mid Diff if Okubo is lucky, Wakatuski has had to overcome Raian and Bando, Okubo Sawada and a grueling match with Seki. Wakatsuki is beat up but not enough to give Okubo even a fighting chance.
Karo v Hatsumi: R1 original loser vs Hatsumi, clearly its obvious how this turns out considering a lot of people probably think I’m dumb letting Karo get this far. I imagine Hatsumi having respect for Karo’s background, and maybe we get a fun narrative about Hatsumi knowing his employer doesn’t suck as much as others and maybe offering to put in a word for his personal situation, but again thats headcanon fun stuff and likely they’re both full on in the fight. Hatsumi is in Prime condition already, and maybe moreso than the last fight, Hatsumi dismantles and humbles Karo while Karo thinks he might be able to win the whole tournament. Again, if Hatsumi can beat Wakatsuki he can mincemeat Karo. Low Diff for Hatsumi.
Kuroki v Julius: Again this is always going to be a win for Kuroki, Kuroki needs to have the worst bracket back to back to back, and his final match has to be against a dude with the easiest run to question him winning the tournament, but Julius is probably one of those opponents that makes it harder for Kuroki. Dude has so much mass and so much muscle that Devil Lance might not manage to do too much but this fight is a dude who refuses techniques, again, versus the martial arts perfectionist. Like Julius might have some back and forth based on his SHEER MUSCLE CHADDERY, but its totally going to end in Kuroki making a statement if Julius dedicated to martial arts he’d be a terrifying opponent. Good bonus is maybe this does convince Julius to reconsider things but I have no idea. End result for this, Kuroki wins, Mid, to High Diff. (Arguments can be made on his Kanoh victory being High or mid diff but Julius is just always an enigma.)
Round 4/SemiFinals:
Kanoh v Wakatsuki: Best part of this is the damn Kanoh Wakatsuki rematch. And honestly, it might be close IF Wakatsuki doesn’t reveal Blast Core. But lets be honest, Kanoh wins the rematch, both have some annoying brackets. Kanoh fights Gaolong again but this Gaolong is way more beat down, but he does fight Rei which is worrying. Meanwhile Wakatsuki round 1 fights Raian, and while Bando and Okubo are clearly weaker opponents, if Raian messes him up it does make it a bigger issue, both fighters MIGHT have a secret technique in Dragon Shot v Blast Core, but Kanoh is totally capable enough that if the first Blast Core doesn’t finish it, he’ll avoid it. But Wakatsuki needs to be close and Dragon Shot is going to decimate him pretty well. I see this being a nice SUPER fun fight with Wakatsuki and Kanoh both going for temple shots with their respective specialities and Kanoh getting it with the higher speed and walking away acknowledging Wakatsuki’s growth but noting it was probably in the wrong direction. Wakatuski has pure striking style. His body type would make him unbeatable in grappling if he developed that but he never gets it to a level that matters at the top level.
Hatsumi v Kuroki: Hatsumi on his quest to defeat Kanoh, has to go through the fighter stronger than Kuroki. Kuroki likely mentions his potential and admirable capability but shuts him down almost the entire step of every fight, Mid-Diff victory Kuroki.
Kanoh v Kuroki: Honestly this makes more sense to me, I love me some Ohma and Omega Ohma might be able to contend Kanoh, but in KAT these two are the top fighters still. Their respective bracket difficulties is in the air. Originally Kanoh has Okubo, Gaolong, Hatsumi, before Kuroki and each time, even if they were mid diff at best, still managed some damage and at least gave amusing fights. Now Kanoh faces Rihito, Gaolong, Rei, Wakatsuki. Rihito is an easier fight, but Gaolong is still an issue but he’s more beat down, but Rei can land some worrying blows and Wakatsuki is totally going to bring his A game and S+ tier drive.
Kuroki originally has Rihito, Kiryu, Rei, before facing Kanoh, now he has Haruo, Muteba, Julius before Kanoh. Mutebas a slight worry, but Kuroki feels like its an easier run than before so Kuroki still wins the tournament/matchup. Mid-High Diff Kuroki.
Again this is all my opinions, I’d love to hear your opinions on how this should properly go. Again I’ve got some major fan shit going on in some of these matchups but I’d love to see the alternate takes! I know I can be a stanning bitch so I want to see my matchups torn to shreds.
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2022.01.22 22:59 TravisWWE12 Mandy Rose

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2022.01.22 22:59 Anzalia There's no place like home after a long adventure

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2022.01.22 22:59 ooh_panini Routine help. Please help me to figure out what's going on (55F normal skin)

Every morning I apply Cerave skin renewing vit C serum (10%), wait for 15-20 min and apply Cerave facial moisturizing lotion with SPF 30. For some reason, the lotion does not go on smoothly, it almost feels as if it removes the vit C serum sitting on the surface of the skin. Any idea why this is happening and how to prevent it? Am I wrong to use them together? I use tretinoin at night, so I thought I'd use vit C in the morning. Thank you in advance.
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2022.01.22 22:59 AlexHus88 What's the max tokens you've made?

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2022.01.22 22:59 wlynncork Mixing IF, with a 1000 calories diet ?

I've been intermittent fasting, when I need to for the past 10 years. It's a beautiful tool to loose weight, I love it. I'm doing an IF session, but also only consuming 1000 calories a day. I'm on day 5 of 14 days. Does anyone have experience with this type of low calorie intake mixed with IF ?
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2022.01.22 22:59 Mysterious_Impact_11 2595 4706 7659

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2022.01.22 22:59 TSMLiquiir Flex Queue should affect Clash Teams

Clash Teams should be affected with ranked flex queue so this way youre supposed to play with your team rather than being picked up and play with smurfs with clash’s tier system. Gives flex queue more meaning and potentially help NA pro scene development.
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2022.01.22 22:59 Bhottine Hyper librarian finished with 1 weapon

Hyper librarian finished with 1 weapon
Last 5 min of the run : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdBUmwnHEhw&ab_channel=Bhottine
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2022.01.22 22:59 Whiskey-Titskey Is there a term for this? my husband is a gemini sun, cancer rising. I'm a cancer sun, gemini rising. we're both pisces moons. what do you think this signifies?

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2022.01.22 22:59 CRAZYC01E Another great day at d14 (can’t wait to edit the footage from today)! I (the guy with the p90) finally got to meet CD! Super cool dude!

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2022.01.22 22:59 xSaffax Can someone tell me what this is so I can search it in the gui for the recipe?

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2022.01.22 22:59 iwasomni What’s awkward when you’re 30 but fine when you’re 1 and 90?

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