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One year post op from top surgery!

2022.01.22 23:08 yellowboi21 One year post op from top surgery!

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2022.01.22 23:08 XolosRamirez Whitepaper de SmartBCH en Español

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2022.01.22 23:08 jmm910 GM LEAGUE

Anybody remember the good old days of NFL Head Coach 2009? This post may catch some hate, but if you’re like me, sometimes building a team can be more fun than playing the actual game.
Join me in my CFM “GM Edition” where you focus on roster building, player development, scouting, financial decision making, and more!
NOTE: Xbox One, completely simulation league; no games will be played by users, only CPU. You act as the “GM” of an NFL franchise.
Season 7, Week 12
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2022.01.22 23:08 SnuellyTypuims 🐕 SatoShiba Token 🐕 Low Tax ⚡️ Stealth Launched ⚡️ LP Locked ⚡️ low MC ⚡️ 50% Supply Burn | Buy $SATO now, earn in 1 hour

🐕 SATOSHIBA 🐕 💥 What is SatoShiba ? SatoShiba a new BSC token designed to simultaneously make you great friends and great gains. They’re putting a huge emphasis on positive social interactions and stamping out abuse, shaming and prejudice. We want to create a coin that will be a safe investment for all. Not just a quick in-and-out stop for your money. Hold $Sato and Earn USDT! THAT SIMPLE!! Passive Rewards (RFI) : The holders are automatically rewarded more $Sato by holding. This is done by charging a 7% tax on all transactions. 2% will go to holders, while 5% gets added back into the liquidity pool, creating a never ending pump! Our aim is to keep building our liquidity pool stronger, this will benefit both the community and the team. ♻️ Donations : All donations will be controlled by community vote, votes are weighted based on token holdings. The voting application is already built and fully functioning at launch! 🔒 Security: The team has taken many steps past what is normally expected to ensure token security. -All protocol wallets are multisig controlled including the ownership address. -The smart contract is publicly verified on BSCscan for anyone to read. -All liquidity pool tokens are repeatedly time-locked to ensure the contract is rug-proof, including tokens from the launch sale. -The identities of all team members are publicly disclosed. Marketing Roadmap after Listing: ⚡️ Listed on pancake swap ⚡️ CMS post every 30min ⚡️ PooCoin Ads as soon as we reach 100K MC ⚡️ NFT Gifting platform planned ⚡️ Social platform planned ⚡️ Update Logo on Trust Wallet More Marketing rounds as we grow! Jump into our telegram and say hi. welcome everyone! 🔐Contract : 0x81E6051F188BC8a87EC847F1A1335229C38BF4f5 🥞 PancakeSwap (V2) : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/swap/swap?outputCurrency=0x81E6051F188BC8a87EC847F1A1335229C38BF4f5 👍🏽 Ownership Renounced : https://bscscan.com/token/0x81E6051F188BC8a87EC847F1A1335229C38BF4f5 🔒 Liquidity locked : https://deeplock.io/lock/0xAC8669C42cb28D592d725807D29c66251F7c8813
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2022.01.22 23:08 WilliamTSherman1 Video card low end gaming

I'm building a pc for a friend any one have a recommendation he just plays dota and overwatch
I have a r9 270x and it runs games pretty well but I was wondering if there are other options around $150
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2022.01.22 23:08 SuperVisual4261 Controller vs Keyboard

As a stadia player with controller, how can I improve against players with mouse and keyboard? I don’t have the option to play with keyboard and I keep losing to people I have no chance to beat with controller.
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2022.01.22 23:08 nicolasvernali Guess it’s time to watch the predators now.

That one hurt bad. Gonna hurt for a while.
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2022.01.22 23:08 swagNextTuber Regina King releases statement after death of son

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2022.01.22 23:08 hungr612 Hitching after watercooling

Hey guys, so I recently got myself a 6800xt red devil to go in my 3900x system. Decided to go full custom loop as it's something I've wanted since forever but since I put it in, I've been getting weird hitching, even at desktop. Every hitch seems to disconnect me from discord and it's driving me up the wall. Thoughts?
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2022.01.22 23:08 JocelynChambers_XQ My FIRST EVER post on reddit - and got banned the second it got posted. WHY.

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2022.01.22 23:08 melonmagellan If you'd like a more mellow version of the Cookie Butter BDC, this is awesome

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2022.01.22 23:08 biokthey shes mad i woke her up😺

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2022.01.22 23:08 Rice_Klutzy What are my chances? GPA3.9/4 5year experience in nursing and clinical trial (senior coordinator, then monitor)

Overseas graduate. Applied to UPenn (general), Columbia (HPM), Harvard (65-Health management), Yale (HCM).
Reference - x1 Medical Director (work) - x1 Investigator (work) - x1 Lecturer in Uni
Could anyone give me some insights? So far I have only got an interview from Columbia, it was an informal interview and I think everyone that applied to HPM got it.
Thank you
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2022.01.22 23:08 Crochet_guy one week testing and they are really cracking on now. It won't be long before publishing.

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2022.01.22 23:08 throwdownvote Forgot how good BF3 is!

With 2042 being such a disappointment, I've been playing BF4, BF1, and BFV (I love them equally)
But playing BF3 today... man I got chills. I forgot all about it, but playing the game brought back my memories.
I just wish the Xbox versions of BF3, BF4, and Bad Company 2 had a resolution boost; or at least better anti-aliasing. I don't mind low textures; but I can't get past jagged edges.
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2022.01.22 23:08 Korakuone Cognitive Dissonance in Kanokari: Suffering Expressed in the Exact Opposite Words

Hello! I'm Korakuone (甲楽わん), a Japanese blogger and Chizuru otaku. I've updated my blog and came to introduce it to you.
[Commentary] Cognitive Dissonance in Kanokari
In this article, I give a thorough explanation of "cognitive dissonance". Mmm! That sounds a little difficult to understand, lol.
The characters in Kanokari often say things that try to resolve cognitive dissonance. A typical example is "I've already decided I'm not going to fall in love" (by Mami-chan in chapter 20). This is what Mami-chan said to herself after Kazuya rejected her, anxiously holding a cushion.
At the beach, Mami has rejected by Kazuya. I want to get Kazu-kun. But I can't get him. So she is suffering from that reality. It's very painful. What Mami did at that time was to pretend that her desire to have Kazuya never happened. She tried to pretend that love was something that she didn't need.
Love is a trivial thing. So I don't need it. The relationship I had with Kazu-kun was just a game. It wasn't "love." I didn't even have special feelings for Kazu-kun. It's not like I was in love with him. So I'm fine with Kazu-kun not loving me.
By believing that, she is trying to make the anxiety and loneliness of losing him disappear. "I'm fine because I've decided not to fall in love again," Mami says, but her true heart is not as she says. Rather, the opposite. It's just that losing Kazuya is so hard for her.
What I talk about in this article is that people try to change their minds in order to get rid of their painful feelings. To put it in a difficult way, we call it resolution of "cognitive dissonance" (I'm not an expert in psychology, so I don't know the exact terminology, though). It's a very useful concept for understanding a character's emotions, so please get to know it. Check it out! Ojigi
Postscript: I don't plan to blog about chapter 220; I've said most of what I needed to say in my article on chapter 219 ([chapter 219] A New Start for Chizuru Ichinose). Let's see how Nagomi and Kibe, who don't know that Chizuru is Kazuya's rental girlfriend and her lover relationship with him is a lie, will react to the truth.
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2022.01.22 23:08 RedirectToReddit So i decided not to write anything in title, because you all having stroke because it. So yeah bearded chad strikes again

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2022.01.22 23:08 Dull_Dog_5427 Getting rid of anxiety

What’s the best way to get rid of anxiety? I literally have separation anxiety from my wife and I don’t like to smother her since she’s traveling and working. We have our calls and text throughout the day but I don’t wanna text her every minute of the day.
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2022.01.22 23:08 PastaItalian Am I banned?

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2022.01.22 23:08 Uncasualreal Possible desired changes for certain maps

So it’s very obvious that a lot of the new maps have missed the mark in terms of representing the place and settlement they are supposed to be such as kislev and altdorf, barring the obvious examples there what would you hope is changed about certain maps.
Personally I’d make the sunken sewer a port settlement with its battle map being the very literal sewer system of the impossible city always set during night, dark imposing towers with rows of small lights backdropping a claustrophobic array of canals and drainage systems patched together with cobblestone (perfect for nurgle defenders) any other ideas for other maps?
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2022.01.22 23:08 ChessDiagnostic Cool Harp Riff From A Long Time Ago

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2022.01.22 23:08 firstsingcom Sound bar, factory supplier, firstsing.com Anndy

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2022.01.22 23:08 September-17 CombatEX is the most famous person from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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2022.01.22 23:08 lfdcwildcat T-Rex racing crash bars, skid plate, and their barkbusters kit installed. Also have the luggage rack. Let's go camping!

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2022.01.22 23:08 Plantsnfish Angel fish care/ tips!

So maybe in 6 months or something I want to get another tank with angel fish.
I’ve done a lot of research on these not so angel fish already but please tell me your own recommendations/ tips for them so I can compare as I know Google tend to not give accurate care tips and obviously pet shops don’t either.
Tank size? (Litres if possible not gallons) Tank mates? How many angels? (How to stop them breeding) What they eat? How often? Ph levels they can tolerate? All the fun stuff Thanks!!!
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